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The Sons of the Pioneers is an American cowboy singing group founded in 1933 by Leonard Slye, with Tim Spencer and Bob Nolan. They were joined by Hugh Farr in 1934, Karl Farr in 1935, and Lloyd Perryman in 1936.

When Rogers began his film career, the group took on Pat Brady, who brought with him his flair for comedy. The group remained popular into the 1960s.

Though all of the original members are deceased, the group continues. Group "trail boss," Dale Warren, died in August of 2008, ending a 56-year stint with the group. The group still performs regularly at concerts in Branson, Missouri and other locations, as of 2010, led by current "trail boss" Luther Nallie. Current members are Luther Nallie, Gary LeMaster, Ken Lattimore, Randy Rudd, Ricky Boen and Mark Abbott.

It has been claimed that The Sons of the Pioneers is the oldest continually performing private musical group in history. Ken Curtis is best remembered as an actor, primarily for playing Festus on Gunsmoke, but was a member of the Sons from 1949 to 1953. Western character actor Shug Fisher was a member from 1943–46, 1949–53 and 1955–59.