2025 Walk of Fame Applications!

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is accepting nominations for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The submission deadline is Friday, May 31, 2024, at 12 noon. There are no exceptions. All nominations will be considered in June’s annual Walk of Fame Committee meeting. The Walk of Fame Committee will make selections for the year 2025.

Nominations are accepted online only. There is a $250 application fee.

The Walk of Fame includes six categories:

  • Motion Pictures
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Recording
  • Live Theatre/Performance
  • Sports Entertainment

All Nominations must include these documents:

  • Photo of the nominee
  • Brief bio of nominee – no more than 750 characters
  • Nominee’s qualifications
  • List of contributions to the community and civic-oriented participation of the nominee
  • Letter of agreement from the nominee or their management

The committee will select approximately 24-30 names for insertion into the Walk. Nomination of an individual or group must be approved by the Walk of Fame Selection Committee, sometimes requiring several biennial nominations before a nominee is selected to receive a star. The most qualified artists nominated are eligible for a star to be installed in the Walk during the subsequent year. Those not selected for the current year are requested to resubmit for the following nomination period. Should the sponsor not want to make a second attempt, they must notify the Hollywood Chamber immediately for the application to be pulled.

The criteria for receiving a star consists of the following: professional achievement, longevity in the category of five years or more, contributions to the community and the guarantee that the celebrity will attend the dedication ceremony if selected. Posthumous awards require a two-year waiting period after death.

After the Walk of Fame Selection Committee has made its selections, the Hollywood Chamber’s Board of Directors also votes to approve the star, and then for a final approval, the names are submitted to the City of Los Angeles’ Board of Public Works Department.

All nominations must be approved by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the decisions of which are final and entirely within the Chamber’s discretion. Nomination and selection procedures, forms, and qualifications are guidelines only, entirely within the Chamber’s discretion, and are subject to change at any time, without notice.

Special Rules for Performing Duos and Groups:
Management of Performing duo or Group must consent in writing to the nomination before it will be considered. The names of all group members, past and present, must be included on the nomination form. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to condition award and installation of any star honoring a duo or group on its discretionary satisfaction with the sponsor’s arrangements regarding honorees and the induction ceremony. The sponsor must provide proof of insurance naming the Hollywood Chamber and City of L.A. as additionally insured.

If you still have any questions, please
email [email protected]
or call 323-469-8311 and ask for Ana Martinez.

Hollywood citizens and tourists alike look forward to each induction ceremony with eager anticipation.