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    Address 7000 Hollywood Blvd.

    Ceremony date 07/14/1988

African American
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The Four Step Brothers were a 1920s dancing team. The group started out as a trio in 1925, with the original members, Maceo Anderson, Al Williams and Red Walker. Their original name was Step Brothers. However, the “Step Brothers” would be a name for a famous a young tap dancing quartet. They then changed their name to “The Three Step Brothers”. Later in 1927, the Four Step Brothers when they let in a new member, Sherman Robertson. Dubbed “The Eight Feet of Rhythm”, They soon traveled with Duke Ellington. Maceo started with the “Brothers” while working as a newsboy while frequently practiing at the Hoofer Club.

The “Brothers” incorporated Snake Hips, Camel Walks, 5 tap Wings, Slides, Afro-Cuban Movements, Rhythm Tap, The Strut straight Acrobatics, etc. They would not change their dance steps except for making them better and employing new dancers.

The group became known for their dance routines, which they used no music whatsoever. They became one of the longest lasting dance groups, surviving for more than four decades even until the 1960s. The “Brothers” appeared as a guest in 1957 in the ABC variety program, The Guy Mitchell Show.

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