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Snub Pollard
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Snub Pollard

Harry “Snub” Pollard was a silent movie comedian, popular in the 1920s.

Often mistaken as the brother of Australian actress Daphne Pollard, in fact the two were not related despite their shared surname. Harry Pollard was born as Harold Fraser and took the name Pollard as his stage name. In addition, the two both acted with “Pollard’s Lilliputian Opera Co.” in Australia, which gave stage performances featuring children and performers of small stature. This was a very well-known troupe in its time, and many of its performers adopted the surname “Pollard”.

Pollard played supporting roles in the early films of Harold Lloyd. The long-faced Pollard sported a Kaiser Wilhelm mustache turned upside-down; this became his trademark. Lloyd’s producer, Hal Roach, gave Pollard his own starring series of one- and two-reel shorts. The most famous is 1923’s It’s a Gift, in which he plays an inventor of many Rube Goldberg-like contraptions, including a car that runs by magnet power.

Pollard left Roach in 1924 and joined the low-budget Weiss Brothers studio in 1926. There he co-starred with Marvin Loback as a poor man’s version of Laurel and Hardy, copying that team’s plots and gags.