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HOLLYWOOD, CA—December 21, 2021-The first-ever general interest book about the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame has been released.  The Walk of Dreams: Finding Fame in Hollywood (Or Wherever Life Leads) was written by Leron Gubler, who led the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for 26 years.  Gubler, who participated in more than 600 Walk of Fame ceremonies and emceed 300 inductions, worked closely with Hollywood’s long time Honorary Mayor Johnny Grant, who chaired the Walk of Fame for nearly three decades.  Gubler and Walk of Fame Producer Ana Martinez are the most knowledgeable persons about the historic walk.

“It is surprising that no one has written a book of this type before,” noted Gubler.  “Johnny always said he was going to write one, but he never did.”

Gubler says his book is written to do much more than just educate people about the Walk of Fame, although it does contain a lot of interesting behind the scenes information.  “The Walk of Fame over the decades has grown into something far greater than the tourist attraction that its creators envisioned,” commented Gubler.  “It has become a source of inspiration to countless people who were pursuing their own dreams.  Many of our stars have mentioned that they came as youth to see the Walk and were inspired in their career pursuits.”

At the ceremonies he attended, Gubler listened to hundreds of celebrities recite the stories of how they managed to overcome obstacles to find success. He felt it was a shame that so few people got to hear the celebrities’ messages, and so he worked for four years to write a book that details some of the most inspirational and heart-warming stories shared by nearly 100 celebrities.

The writer explained that the stories demonstrate that where someone is from is not a barrier to finding success in life.  He particularly hopes the book will help young people who are just getting started in life.  His upbeat and inspirational message to anyone who has a dream is: “Go ahead and reach for your star!”

The Walk of Dreams: Finding Fame in Hollywood (Or Wherever Life Leads) is available through as either an eBook or a paperback.  The 245-page book includes 30 photographs from Walk of Fame ceremonies.

About Leron Gubler:  Gubler is a native of Porterville, California and holds BA and MPA degrees from Brigham Young University.  He led the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce from 1992 to 2018.  When he retired, Mayor Eric Garcetti presented him with the Key to the City and the intersection of Hollywood Blvd. and Sycamore was named in his honor.

About the Hollywood Walk of Fame:  The Hollywood Walk of Fame was conceived in 1953 and built in 1960, when more than 1,500 stars were installed.  Today there are more than 2,700 stars on the world-famous walk.