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Pinky Lee
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Pinky Lee

Pincus Leff, better known as Pinky Lee, was a burlesque comic and host of a children’s television program, The Pinky Lee Show, in the early 1950s.

Lee worked as comic of the “baggy pants” variety on stage, becoming an expert at the slapstick, comic dancing and rapid-fire jokes of the burlesque style. During the 1940s, he was heard on Drene Time and other radio programs.

Easily recognized by his trademark lisp and his high-energy antics, his signature costume was a loud plaid suit with baggy checkered pants and an undersized hat. During his routines, whenever anybody irritated him he would unleash his catchphrase: “Oooooh! You make me so mad!”

In 1950, he had his own 30-minute primetime variety television show on NBC, The Pinky Lee Show, featuring vaudevillians and burlesque comics. In 1951-52 he starred with Vivian Blaine in a 15-minute sitcom, Those Two.

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