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    Ceremony date 02/08/1960

Owen Moore
Fordstown Crossroads,
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Owen Moore

Owen Moore was an actor in American films, appearing in more than 279 movies spanning from 1908 to 1937.

He was born in Fordstown Crossroads, County Meath, Ireland, and along with his brothers Tom, Matt, and Joe, he emigrated to America. All went on to successful careers in motion pictures in Hollywood, California.

While working at D.W. Griffith’s Biograph Studios, Owen Moore met a young Canadian actress named Gladys Smith whom he married on January 7, 1911. Their marriage was kept secret at first because of the strong opposition of her mother. However, Gladys Moore would soon overshadow her husband under her stage name, Mary Pickford. In 1912, he signed on with Victor Studios, co-starring in a number of their films with studio owner/actress Florence Lawrence.

Mary Pickford left Biograph Studios to join the IMP Co. to replace their major star, Pickford?s Canadian friend, Florence Lawrence. Carl Laemmle, the owner of IMP Co., agreed to sign her husband as part of the deal. This humiliation and his wife’s meteoric rise to fame, drastically affected Owen Moore and alcohol became a problem that led to violent behaviour and his physically abusing Pickford. Before long, the marriage ended and Mary Pickford left him for actor Douglas Fairbanks.