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    Address 7000 Hollywood Blvd.

    Ceremony date 11/12/2004

Monte Hale
San Angelo,
Death Date:
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Monte Hale

Monte Hale was a Country singer and movie actor of B-Western films. Often reported to have been born in San Angelo, Texas, Hale was really born in Ada, Oklahoma, but a Texan location sounded better for the movies. Starting to sing and play the guitar at an early age, Ely started playing in cities of Texas as well in Vaudeville and local rodeo shows. Hale then got a job during World War II as a replacement guitarist with the Stars Over Texas Bond Drive. He had joined with several Republic Pictures celebrities and staff. When signing to the company for seven years, he changed his name from Buren Ely to Monte Hale. Soon, Hale starred in his first major role in Home on the Range in 1946.

During his B-Western film run of the early 1950s, Hale started to sing at rodeos and circuses. Hale soon retired from movies and begin to appear at western conventions.

On November 12, 2004 for his work in movies, he received a “Star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

He was also instrumental in the foundation of what is now the Autry National Center of the American West.

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