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    Ceremony date 02/08/1960

Little Jack Little
University of ia, IA
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Little Jack Little

Jack Little, sometimes credited Little Jack Little, was a British-born American composer, singer, actor and songwriter whose songs were featured in several movies. He is not to be confused with the burlesque comedian also known as "Little" Jack Little, who stood 4'5".

He was born in London, but moved to the United States

as a child, growing up in Waterloo, Iowa. Little was educated in pre-med classes at the University of Iowa, where he played in and organized the university band. He toured the country with an orchestra, appearing in hotels, night clubs, and on radio. He collaborated musically with Tommie Malie, Dick Finch, John Siras, and Joe Young.

In 1928 he joined ASCAP. From 1933-'37, he recorded prolifically, starting on Bluebird, Columbia, and finally ARC, playing in a light society dance band style. He often worked with musical director Mitchell Ayres. His compositions include Jealous, I Promise You, A Shanty in Old Shanty Town and You're a Heavenly Thing.

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