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Klaus Landsberg
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Klaus Landsberg

Klaus Landsberg was a pioneering electrical engineer who made history with early commercial telecasts and helped pave the way to today’s Television networks.

He appeared in many plays during his childhood. In his early teens he combined his technical skill and expressed desire to pursue his strong artistic inclination, setting out to prove that the two could be successfully blended.

In 1936 he was called upon to assist in the history-making telecast of the Berlin Olympic Games, an event that marked television’s rounding of one of the proverbial corners.

In 1937 Klaus was appointed laboratory engineer and assistant to Dr. Korm, the Inventor of picture telegraphy. During this association, Landsberg himself created many new electronic devices. The most outstanding of these achievements was the invention of an electronic aid to navigation and blind landings, considered so vital to the Third Reich that upon being patented was declared a military-secret, which Landsberg was determined to destroy as a Nazi weapon. This basic radar principle later became Landsberg’s passport to America.