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June Foray
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June Foray

June Foray is an American voice actress, best known as the voice of many animated characters. Her career has encompassed radio, theatrical shorts, feature films, television, record albums, video games, talking toys and other media. Foray was also one of the founding members of ASIFA-Hollywood, the society devoted to promoting and encouraging animation.

Foray was born as June Lucille Forer, the second of three children of Maurice Forer and Ida E. Robinson in Springfield, Massachusetts, on September 18, 1917. There her voice was first broadcast in a local radio drama when she was 12 years old; by age 15, she was doing regular radio voice work. Two years later, she moved to Los Angeles, California, and soon became a popular voice actress on radio, with regular appearances on coast-to-coast broadcasts starring Jimmy Durante and Danny Thomas.

In the 1940s, she began film work as well, including a few appearances acting in live-action movies, but mostly doing voiceovers for animated cartoons. At 4’11”, Foray’s diminutive stature somewhat limited her stage and on-camera acting career.

For Walt Disney, she played Lucifer the Cat in the feature film Cinderella, Raja the villainous tiger in the cartoon Goliath II, mermaids in Peter Pan and his Witch Hazel character; Foray would later be the voice of Grandmother Fa in Mulan in 1998; she also did a variety of voices in Walter Lantz’s Woody Woodpecker cartoons. For Warner Brothers Cartoons, she was Granny, owner of Tweety and Sylvester, and, memorably, a series of witches, including Witch Hazel, for Chuck Jones; plus, she served as the narrator of Really Scent. She is also the voice of Granny on Baby Looney Tunes. She voices Mall Walker, Man, and Lady in Random! Cartoons.