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Jon Hall
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Jon Hall

Jon Hall was an American film actor. Born Charles Felix Locher in Fresno, California and raised in Tahiti by his father, the Swiss-born actor Felix Locher, he was a nephew of James Norman Hall, one of the authors of Mutiny on the Bounty. Hall began acting in films in 1935 in minor roles, one of which was Charlie Chan in Shanghai in 1935. He achieved success in 1937 when cast opposite another relative newcomer, Dorothy Lamour in The Hurricane, which was written by James Norman Hall. His double in The Hurricane was the stuntman and actor Paul Stader.

He maintained his popularity until the end of the 1940s usually playing leads in adventure films. In 1940, he portrayed Kit Carson in a biographical film of the frontiersman’s life. He is notable for having made six popular Technicolor adventure films with Maria Montez: Arabian Nights, White Savage, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Cobra Woman, Gypsy Wildcat and Sudan. They typify the type of escapist entertainment which was extremely popular during World War II.

Jon Hall is perhaps best remembered by later audiences as the star of the television series Ramar of the Jungle, which ran from 1952-1954. Hall directed and starred the 1965 cult horror film The Beach Girls and the Monster.

Hall was married to singer Frances Langford from 1934 until 1955, and also twice married and divorced actress Raquel Torres.

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