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  • Category Television

    Address 1708 Vine Street

    Ceremony date 02/08/1960

Joanne Dru
West Virginia,
Death Date:
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Joanne Dru

Joanne Dru was an American film and television actress, best-known for such films as Red River and All the King’s Men.

Born as Joan Letitia LaCock in Logan, West Virginia, Dru came to New York City in 1940 at the age of eighteen. After finding employment as a model, she was chosen by Al Jolson to appear in the cast of his Broadway show Hold Onto Your Hats. When she moved to Hollywood, she found work in the theater. Dru was spotted by a talent scout and made her first film appearance in Abie’s Irish Rose. Over the next decade, Dru appeared frequently in films and on television. She was cast often in western films such as Howard Hawks’s Red River, and John Ford’s She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, and Wagon Master. She gave a well-received performance in the dramatic film All the King’s Men and co-starred with Dan Dailey in The Pride of St. Louis about major-league baseball pitcher Jerome “Dizzy” Dean.

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