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Gregory Ratoff
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Gregory Ratoff

Gregory Ratoff was a Russian-born American film director, actor and producer. His most famous role as an actor was as producer Max Fabian who feuds with star Margo Channing in All About Eve. Ratoff was born in Samara, Russia. The Russian Jewish actor first came to the United States in 1922. He married the Russian actress Eugenie Leontovich in 1923. He returned to the United States, passing through Ellis Island in July 1925. On the steerage passenger list of the SS Mauretania he was listed as Gregoire Ratoff; for next of kin he listed his mother, Mme. Sophie Ratner of Paris.

Ratoff is most noted for having directed the pro-Soviet propaganda film Song of Russia and for being one of the two producers to have purchased and developed the original rights to the James Bond franchise from Ian Fleming in 1955.