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George Putnam
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George Putnam

George Putnam was an American television news reporter and talk show host based in Los Angeles. He was known for his catchy phrase “See ya at ten, see ya then” intro prior to a broadcast of the news.

Putnam was born in Breckenridge, Minnesota. His radio career began on his 20th birthday at WDGY in Minneapolis. Putnam had been working in the Los Angeles area since 1951. By the 1950s, he had switched to television and hosted the highest rated newscast in the Los Angeles area. He anchored at all four of Los Angeles’ major independent stations — KTTV, KTLA, KCOP, and KHJ-TV — at one time or another. In addition to his salary, he was provided a Rolls Royce automobile while at KTTV and KTLA. He was replaced by news legend Hal Fishman in 1975.

Putnam long carried a grudge against Fishman, stating on his radio show ‘Talk Back’ that he was back-stabbed by Fishman. Putnam made this claim for decades. It is noteworthy that when Fishman produced KTLA’s 50th-anniversary history in television in 1997, the footage of Putnam was not used, though Putnam had been the face of KTLA news in the 1960s and 1970s before the arrival of Fishman. During KTLA’s 60th-anniversary special during Thanksgiving weekend in 2007, the KTLA News intro from when George Putnam anchored the news was shown; Fishman died on August 7, 2007, three months before the 60th anniversary special aired.

In 1965, Putnam narrated a film entitled Perversion for Profit, in which he warned viewers about magazines containing nudity and homosexual material, saying homosexuals were perverts and misfits. The film was financed by Charles Keating. However, by the 1980s Putnam had changed his views. He stated on his ‘Talk Back’ show that he felt gays were born that way, and added many of his friends and coworkers were gay and good people.