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Dick Whittinghill
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Dick Whittinghill

Dick Whittinghill was an American movie and television actor, recording artist and radio disc jockey in the United States. His early music career included membership in The Pied Pipers vocal group which sang with Tommy Dorsey’s big band.

Beginning in 1950, Whittinghill was for almost three decades a popular disc jockey at radio station KMPC-AM in Los Angeles. After his retirement, he was heard on a recorded Sunday program on KMPC, and later as afternoon drive personality at KPRZ, Los Angeles, reversing his traditional KMPC role, as former KMPC afternoon DJ Gary Owens was then KPRZ morning man.

Among the features of his program were the “story records,” sent in by listeners, in which a short anecdote was completed with a line from a song. For example, the spider told Little Miss Muffet, “You can keep the curds but give me.All the Way. .

Whittinghill also spoofed the long-running radio serial, “The Romance of Helen Trent” with “The Romance of Helen Trump”, written and narrated by Whittinghill and Foster Brooks. “Helen Trump” was ””The story that asks the question ‘Can a woman of 35?. ‘Find love and romance with a man twice her urge?'” One of Helen’s suitors was a politician named C. Dewey Detterwick, with whom, Whittinghill said, Helen doesn’t drive any more, because when C. Dewey drives, he sees spots?lonely spots. Whittinghill made great use of Freddy Fill and his Orchestra in the last 10 or 15 seconds before news broadcasts.