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Diane Ladd
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Diane Ladd

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Diane Ladd has had an international career as an Actress, Writer, Producer, and Author for almost five decades.  TIME magazine has called Ms. Ladd one of the top ten actresses not only in this country, but in the world. She has won 27 International Awards including the British Academy Award, Independent Spirit Award, and Golden Globe. She is a three-time Emmy and three-time Oscar®nominee for Martin Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, David Lynch’s Wild at Heart, and Martha Coolidge’s Rambling Rose.

Ms. Ladd, who has a starring role in the highly anticipated HBO series Enlightened, is thrilled to star in the new series opposite her daughter, Laura Dern, Luke Wilson, and Mike White. Ms. Ladd’s resume includes more than 135 films – her 1966film debut was Corman’sThe Wild Angels – and 175+ television shows including two former series, Alice and Stephen King’s fifteen hour mini-series, Kingdom Hospital.  She was recently in Lifetime’s (Nora Roberts) Movie of the Week, Montana Sky.  In addition to the films which earned her Oscar®nominations, she co-starredwith Anthony Hopkins in The World’s Fastest Indian, with Ashley Judd in Come Early Morning, and is known for her work in some of the best films of all times including Chinatown and The Cemetery Club.

An astute business person, Ms. Ladd has attained both creative and fiscal success as writer/director in Mrs. Munck for Viacom. That film was selected by ten International Festivals, won her 3 best director awards, and opened the Edinburgh Scotland Film Festival. In her own film production company, Exxcell Entertainment, she’s in pre-production and scheduled to begin filming in early spring of 2011, for the film Woman Inside, a film detailing the life of the late Martha Mitchell, wife of Attorney General John Mitchell during the Watergate era. Martin Scorsese, winner of the 2007 Academy Awards’ Best Director and Best Picture is the Executive Producer.  Jeff Stott, Bucket List is a producer. Also slated is the film Hot Water Biscuits.

As a successful director, producer, and actor, her lobbying efforts have been instrumental in curtailing Runaway Productions. She persuaded key members of Congress to pass tax legislation favorable to investors, the film industry, and its workforce for productions in America.

She has authored the successful book, Spiraling Through the School of Life, and has just finished a historical novel, Interrupted Destiny.

A cousin of playwright Tennessee Williams, Ms Ladd began her stage career in New York in his play, Orpheus Descending. She is a member of the National Board of Directors for the Screen Actors Guild, a leading lecturer and advocate for health, and a Member of the Board of Advisors for the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine in Washington, D.C. Ms Ladd has been honored as Woman of the Year by City of Hope.  &

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