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    Address 6681 Hollywood Boulevard

    Ceremony date 03/05/2015

Chris O'Donnell
Winnetka, IL,
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Chris O'Donnell


Watch Chris O'Donnell Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony below.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honored actor Chris O’Donnell  with the 2,544th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on today, Thursday, March 5, 2015. The star in the category of Television was dedicated in front of Jameson’s Irish Pub located at 6681 Hollywood Boulevard. The location is a nod to O’Donnell’s Irish heritage.

Helping emcee and Hollywood Chamber President/CEO Leron Gubler to unveil the star singer/ actor and O’Donnell’s co-star on “NCIS: Los Angeles” LL COOL J and director/screenwriter Paul Brickman. The show airs Mondays at 10 p.m. PST on CBS.

Fans all over the world watched the live streaming of the star ceremony on

Chris O’Donnell’s charm and diverse acting skills have allowed him to become one of Hollywood’s leading male actors. O’Donnell currently stars as G. Callen in CBS’ hit drama, “NCIS: Los Angeles,” which is in its sixth season.

O’Donnell made his acting debut with a critically acclaimed performance as Jessica Lange’s rebellious son in the Paul Brickman feature “Men Don’t Leave,” followed by a memorable cameo in Jon Avnet’s Academy Award® nominated “Fried Green Tomatoes.” In 1993, O’Donnell was nominated for a Golden Globe and won the Chicago Film Critics Award for his role opposite Al Pacino in the multiple Academy Award-winning “Scent of a Woman,” directed by Marty Brest. O’Donnell then played swashbuckling  D’Artagnan in “The Three Musketeers,” for which he was named the NATO/ShoWest Male Star of Tomorrow in 1994. O’Donnell adopted an Irish dialect to star in the romantic comedy “Circle of Friends,” and won over audiences worldwide with his stand-out performance as Robin in the highest grossing film of 1995 “Batman Forever.”

He went on to star in the dark legal thriller “The Chamber,” and Lord Richard Attenborough’s period romance “In Love and War,” before reprising his role as the daredevil acrobat and fledging super-hero in the 1997 hit “Batman and Robin.” In 1999, O’Donnell co-starred in Robert Altman’s critically-acclaimed comedy “Cookie’s Fortune” as part of an impressive ensemble cast including Glenn Close, Julianne Moore and Liv Tyler.

O’Donnell’s other film credits include the action-thriller “Vertical Limit,” the romantic comedy “The Bachelor,” “Kinsey,” Twentieth Century Fox’s “Max Payne”, New Line’s “Kitt Kittridge: An American Girl,” Warner Bros’ animated “Cats and Dogs” and the independent film “A Little Help.”

O’Donnell’s TV credits include the TNT Miniseries, “The Company,” and the hit series “Grey’s Anatomy.”

In 2002, O’Donnell made his Broadway stage debut in Arthur Miller’s play “The Man Who Had All the Luck” opposite Samantha Mathis.

O’Donnell dedicates his time to such charitable organizations as St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California, and sits on the Board of Roberts Enterprise Development Fund.





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