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    Address 6413 Hollywood Blvd.

    Ceremony date 02/08/1960

Bob Hawk
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Bob Hawk

Bob Hawk was an American radio quizmaster and comic whose early work in radio set the standard for the “man in the street? interviews. He worked on several different radio shows with most being sponsored by Camel Cigarettes. He was host of the Bob Hawk Show a quiz program for the radio.

His programs included :

In 1949 the Bob Hawk Show was moved from Chicago, Illinois, the then capital of Radio with 22 radio stations, to Hollywood, California. Later shows was recorded and then edited down to 30 minutes.

In all of his shows, Hawk wrote the questions and was famous for coming up with very clever ones. For instance, one such question was “Could a baseball game end in a 6-6 tie without a man touching first base?” Answer: “Yes, if the game was played between two girl teams.”