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    Ceremony date 02/08/1960

Bill Leyden
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Bill Leyden

William “Bill” Leyden was a World War II veteran serving in the Marine Corps and a television game show host and announcer who emceed six game shows, including It Could Be You, Your First Impression, and You’re Putting Me On. In addition, he hosted movies on KTTV, and in fact played small roles in a handful of films, including Jerry Lewis’ The Patsy. After returning home following the war, Leyden worked as a radio announcer on KMPC in Los Angeles and later served announcer for the syndicated radio series The Liberace Program before moving over to television, where he hosted several game shows, the most successful of which was It Could Be You.

During his run on It Could Be You, Leyden was touted by announcer Wendell Niles as “the man who will amaze you with what he knows about you”, partly because Leyden was often helped onstage and in the audience by well-concealed TelePrompters and “a team of spies and operatives” who investigated potential contestants.