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Tom Conway
St. Petersburg,
Brighton College, England
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Tom Conway

Tom Conway was a British film and radio actor, and the older brother of actor George Sanders.

Conway was born to English parents as Thomas Charles Sanders in St. Petersburg, Russia; his younger brother was actor George Sanders, whom Conway strongly resembled, especially in his speaking voice. At the outbreak of the Russian Revolution, the family moved back to England, where both brothers were educated at Brighton College. The brothers tossed a coin to decide which would change his surname to avoid any confusion with each other.

Conway is remembered today for playing “The Falcon” in ten of that series’ entries, taking over from his brother in The Falcon’s Brother, in which they both star. Conway also played Sherlock Holmes following Basil Rathbone’s departure from the 1946–1947 radio series. Despite an uncanny similarity to the sound of Rathbone’s voice, he was not accepted as Holmes by the listening audience and was replaced in the same year by John Stanley. Conway also starred in three of film producer Val Lewton’s horror films while a contract actor for RKO Pictures, twice playing Dr. Louis Judd in two otherwise unrelated films?Cat People and The Seventh Victim a year later?-even though the character was killed in the first film. The third Val Lewton film in which he starred was I Walked with a Zombie. His screen career diminished in the 1950s, but he appeared in a number of English films, on radio, and on television. In 1951, Conway replaced Vincent Price as the star of the radio mystery series The Saint, taking on a role that his brother, Sanders, had played on film a decade earlier. In October, Conway performed as Max Collodi in Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode “The Glass Eye” to critical praise.