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    Ceremony date 02/08/1960

Ted Husing
New York,
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Ted Husing

Edward Britt Husing was an American sportscaster and was among the first to lay the groundwork for the structure and pace of modern sports reporting on television and radio.

Husing was born in the Bronx, New York — and given the name Edmund. The youngest of three children of immigrant German parents, he was the only one to survive childhood. His father Henry was a fan of middle weight boxing champ Jimmy Edward Britt. By his tenth birthday, the boy’s name was changed to Edward Britt Husing. As a teenager, he took on the tag of “Ted” and the nickname stuck.

At age 16, he joined the National Guard and in World War I was assigned to stand watch over New York’s harbor. Following the war he floated from jobs as carnival barker to payroll clerk. Once he won an audition over 500 applicants for announcer at New York radio station WHN, Husing found his life’s calling. He was schooled under the tutelage of pioneer broadcaster Major J. Andrew White. There he covered breaking news stories, political conventions, and assisted White during football commentaries.

As an announcer, Husings rapid manner of speech earned him the nickname Mile a Minute Husing. His use of descriptive language combined with a commanding voice made his broadcasts a must listen. By 1927, he was voted seventh most popular announcer in a national poll. Following a pay dispute, he moved to Boston where he broadcast Boston Braves baseball games. Later in ’27, he returned to New York and helped his mentor, J. Andrew White, start the new CBS chain. After cigar mogul William S. Paley bought the cash strapped network in 1928, Ted Husing rose to unseen heights of glory and fame.

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