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    Ceremony date 04/30/2013

Shotgun Tom Kelly
San Diego,
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Shotgun Tom Kelly

Local Radio Personality “Shotgun Tom" Kelly
Celebrates 40 Years in the “Biz” with

Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce today honored local Los Angeles radio personality, Shotgun Tom Kelly with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 30, 2013.  His star was unveiled at 7080 Hollywood Boulevard, next to the star of the late Real Don Steele, who formerly hosted the afternoon program on K-Earth 101. The star ceremony coincides with Kelly’s 40th anniversary in Radio.

Emcee Leron Gubler, President & CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and guest speakers Stevie Wonder and Jhani Kaye, Program Director of K-Earth 101, helped unveil the 2,496th Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the Category of Radio.

Event was live-streamed on

“The voice of Shotgun Tom Kelly has entertained us for many years,” said Leron Gubler, President & CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. “He constantly presents good radio and introduces us to some of the most memorable songs ever!”

Emcee Gubler and guest speakers Stevie Wonder and Jhani Kaye, K-Earth 101 Program Director will help “Shotgun Tom” unveil the 2,496th Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the Category of Radio.

Shotgun Tom Kelly was born in San Diego.  One day, at the age of 10, after school, his mother LA Von Irwin said, "Tommy, there’s a man on the radio, broadcasting from a shopping center and he is talking to people on the air.  You should go down and see if he'll put you on the radio." So, Tom did what his mother asked him to.  He hopped onto his bike and went to see the man on the radio.  The announcer was in a trailer. Tom peered through the window, watched the man play records and speaking into a microphone.  The Disc Jockey saw Tom, invited him in, and interviewed him live on the air!  Tom was so impressed with that experience; he went home and built his own mock radio station in his bedroom, with two record players and a microphone!

Tom started to visit other radio stations and watch those announcers doing their shows.  One radio announcer, who just happened to be the Program Director of the station, called then 13 year old Tom into his office.  He wanted a teenager’s opinion on a new song he was going to add to the playlist.  Tom indicated he liked the song.  That record was "California Dreaming" by the Mama's and the Papa's.  After that, the Program Director, Sonny Jim Price asked Tom if he would like to work at the station.  Tom immediately replied “YES!"   

This year, Shotgun Tom Kelly celebrates 16-years in Los Angeles radio and anchors the highly-rated afternoon drive shift at CBS Radio's K-EARTH 101 (KRTH-FM). He previously performed at legendary San Diego radio stations KGB, KCBQ and B-100 and has been feted many times by radio's most respected trade publications, Billboard Magazine and Radio & Records, as the best air personality in the country.

Shotgun Tom has also been recognized for his work in front of the TV camera hosting popular children’s programs such as the nationally-syndicated "Words-a-Poppin," and "Kids Club," which ran for twelve seasons. He has won multiple Emmy Awards as Outstanding Host.  His voice has long been featured in national TV and radio commercials.  He also appeared in the Motion Picture "Déjà Vu" with Denzel Washington. Most recently, “Shotgun Tom” is the narrator of the world-wide TV show “A 1000 Ways to Die,” and the voice of “America’s Most Wanted.”

Most fulfilling to Shotgun Tom are his contributions to community causes, particularly his longtime involvement with the MDA Labor Day Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy, the Bob Hope USO and the L.A. Police Department's "Cops for Tots" campaign benefiting Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.



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